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10 PEAks projects

The 10 Peaks Project

The 10 Peak Project is a project to put a stamp on every mountain peak that is climbed on a regular basis through our department, encouraging members to climb more frequently, either on club trips or privately. We often experience the frustration of a soaked peak booklet, a pen that doesn't write, or the records that are simply gone. This shortens our motivation for the project. There are already MCSA stamps placed on:

  • die Tweelingpieke (1494m)

  • Haelkop (1384m)

  • Rifberg (1515m)

  • Jonkershoek

  • Groot Drakensteinpiek (1491m)

  • Simonsberg (1390m) en

  • Mostertshoek Tweeling (2031m)

The other peaks which make out part of the first phase: 

  • Du Toitspiek (1994m)

  • Victoriapiek (1591m)

  • Buffelshoekpiek (2059m)

  • Sybasberg (1899m)

  • Baileyspiek (1517m) en

  • Matroosberg (2249m).

The stamp is in a separate ice cream bowl (along with ink pad) in the same place where the pads are stored near the beacon, or near it. If you would like to know more or participate in the 10-point stamp project, please contact the climbing program manager at Do it now! Call Paul at 021 887 4113 (h) or 021 808 3334 during office hours or send an email to:

Location of the stamps for the 10 Peaks Project (in PDF format)

Examples of the first 20 stamps that were made for the 10 Peaks Project (in PDF format)